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The Mask Project is a grassroots project started by a team of tight-knit entrepreneurs, creators, and thinkers based in Brooklyn, NY. With over 15 years in the sourcing and distribution, we put our heads together and realized that we could source high-quality face masks for less. That means giving the entire USA access to the masks they need, for prices they can afford. And as areas plan to reopen, this necessity has never been more essential.

Why should you buy from us?
We like to call it a win-win-win situation:

✔️ Get the high quality masks you need for wholesale prices
✔️ Support a local business (us!)
✔️ Give back to the community when we donate 50% of proceeds to other small businesses and healthcare workers in the NYC area

That’s a lot of winning. Check out our shop today and get the masks you and your loved ones need.

We’ve got you covered.